Outdoor Education

Outdoor education offers our children the opportunity to work with others, improve their physical fitness and learn new skills.

Placing Health and Wellbeing at the heart of the school curriculum is crucial to the children at Seamab and the organisation as a whole. Put simply we want children to move, whether it be through unstructured play to the many structured activities the school provides. Both are equally important and require as much attention as the other. Within the school grounds children are free to; climb trees, mountain bike, play on stacks of tires with high jump maps underneath, use the building and grounds to invent parkour routines and challenges, play games and use all the outdoor and indoor facilities. This allows children to take risks and make decisions in a controlled environment. In this environment play is more fun, more engaging and can be sustained for longer periods of time without children getting bored. Intellectually the children can be creative, inventing new challenges and developing new skills. Physically they become fitter and stronger.

In addition to the time dedicated to unstructured play, at Seamab children participate in a wide range of more structured activities including sailing, skiing, surfing, mountain biking, electric mountain biking, white-water rafting, gorge walking, tubing, mountain climbing, parkour, forest schools, yoga, wild camping, wild swimming and rock climbing. The activities move with the seasons and are staggered to avoid over saturation. Crucially the activities are either delivered by our own staff with outdoor experience and qualifications or they are delivered by partners who really understand the children who we look after and educate. This goes for the people who fit ski boots with patience and understanding to the Surfing instructors who provide 1:1 Tuition and support. Children are encouraged to progress as far as they can within an activity.

All these activities are built into the curriculum of the school and are used to monitor children as they progress through the Curriculum for Excellence. The breadth and depth of the activities provide learning and experiences at every level, engaging children in learning that builds their resilience, develops new neural path ways and keeps our children fit and strong.