Coronavirus (COVID-19) statement

In line with the Scottish Government, NHS and care and education regulators’ advice, Seamab’s residential and education services continue to offer a high quality of care for the children who live and study with us. As always, our main priority is to ensure the health and wellbeing of our children, their families and our staff. Our services are essential to the children who receive them and have been delivered throughout the lockdown period, thanks to our dedicated and resourceful staff team. As the world around us has started to return to a more normal way of working, we have introduced the measures below to ensure the safety of everyone who lives, studies, works at or visits Seamab. These measures are reviewed regularly and may be changed to meet evolving national guidance. We recognise that some visits to our sites are necessary to ensure the protection and wellbeing of our children and staff. So that we can minimise unnecessary contact and reduce the spread of any infection, only essential visitors are currently permitted. Internal and external meetings are conducted by video-conferencing as far as possible. All visitors to Seamab are asked to complete a Coronavirus self-declaration form 24 hours prior to their visit and temperature checks are carried out on arrival. These restrictions will remain in place for the foreseeable future. We are happy to support contact for our children with their families or carers, as appropriate. We ask that all families and key professionals contact us before planning any visits, to ensure that we can conduct this to ensure the safety and health of all involved. Hand hygiene and social distancing measures should be observed by all visitors. We have robust risk assessments in place in all areas of our work and we continue to monitor the working environment. We are grateful to all of our suppliers and supporters for their continued services and help throughout a difficult period. Deliveries of essential supplies continue and are scheduled so as to avoid direct contact as far as possible. Referrals can be made using our normal processes, or by calling our admin office on 01577 840307. Seamab will update this information if the situation changes. Thank you for your support and understanding.

Joy has always lived here and Safe is warm and friendly. Free climbs the trees and Hope is never lost. Brave keeps a watchful eye over everyone while Calm has an influence that we all benefit from. And Hug... he’s always there when we need him.

Occasionally we’re visited by Sad, Scared and Angry, but they don’t stay for long.

Brave Meet the
Sea Changers