We are committed to providing excellent education services for up to 21 children at a time. We believe that learning should be child centered and fun.

School Rationale

We work with children who, for a variety of reasons, have found school difficult and require additional support. Our job is to help them feel safe and calm, develop confidence and discover their abilities and talents.

Our Seamab Curriculum for Excellence has been developed to be relevant to our children and their needs. The outdoors plays a central role in learning. We have a flexible and responsive approach towards our timetable and plans for the children, and a regular flow to the week. This enables children to have security, choice and influence in their learning experiences. Our curriculum focuses very much on health and wellbeing, enabling the children to access and progress in all areas of the curriculum. Many of our outdoor experiences result in Dynamic Youth, ASDAN and other nationally recognised awards.

Each child spends their school time in a small group with dedicated staff from the education team. Relationships are the most important aspect of our educational experience, and we use a Dyadic Developmental Practice approach.

Curriculum Rationale

Our school moto is 'be all you can be' and we do this through engaging in our aims;

  • Believing
  • Learning
  • Achieving

We wish to ensure all pupils at Seamab feel safe and calm, enjoy the freedom of the outdoors and feel brave and hopeful for the future.

Hugs are always available.

We value relationships, routines, rhythms, and developing resilience.

We show acceptance and empathy, and learn in a playful and curious way.

Seamab School Experience

Our school has Labrador dogs you can take on walks, a music studio with amazing music teachers, a Yurt for Yoga with our Yoga teacher and a woodshed to hammer and saw, make and fix things. Our school has play therapy, animal therapy and all of our staff are trained in Dyadic Development Practice (DDP)