Our Learning & Caring philosophy

Our philosophy guides all of us in our lives at Seamab where we provide specialist education, care and support for children and young people with a range of more complex needs.

We accept our children without qualm or condition and they are at the centre of everything we do. Our staff support children and young people as part of a community of safe, caring adults. We value wider family networks that support the children and young people, we work collaboratively with a range of partners to help children and young people to grow and learn.

Our positive surroundings

Our safe, interesting and stimulating environment reassures our children and young people that they matter. Our children and young people are active in participating and influencing everything around them. Our spaces support children to play and explore. We accept that risk is part of learning and growing. We commit to providing a full programme of outdoor adventures.

Our nurturing and secure relationships

We are committed to the upbringing of our children. We are persistent in our work to support children to develop and grow through their experience of positive and nurturing relationships. We believe mistakes are an opportunity to grow and develop. We look for and find solutions to problems. We understand our children for what has happened to them in the past, who they are now, and where they can go.

Our supportive and active teams

Each child's team provides emotional and practical support and the challenge that helps them grow and develop. Our children and their adult carers share experiences and build stories. We work closely together, sharing, reflecting, analysing and thinking. We accept debate and discussion are a key part of how we work together well. Our children know their team, and understand their plan.

Our creative learning experiences

We are educators and supporters of learning for our children. We understand that our children learn through playing and doing, this is true of young people of any age. We are led by our children and young people, encouraging and supporting their exploration and experimentation. Our skills, experiences and resources match their interests, enthusiasms and ambitions.