Residential Care

Living at Seamab

Our children live about a mile away from the school in one of three bungalows, up to five children live in each bungalow creating a community for peer interaction.

We are investing in creating homes, developing sensory attuned bedrooms and common spaces to make sure the children feel safe and calm.

Our care campus is in a rural setting allowing children to enjoy the freedom of the outdoors, we make the most of the outdoor spaces on our doorstep creating outdoor learning while having lots of fun. Our outdoor experiences also help the children with emotional regulation, this can be anything from a walk by the river to mountain biking, bush craft to a long hike in the hills, we are led by the children's ideas. There is plenty of opportunity for children to just plan in an unstructured way, with play equipment, trampolines, football and even a skate ramp.

Working together with the education team we deliver Thera-play and play therapy and there is a bespoke therapy only space on site, this gives a safe, private space for children and young people.

Our staff are highly skilled and trained in a therapeutic approach, we do direct work with the children using this approach including life story work and emotional regulation. As with all of Seamab we use trauma informed practice and work within Dyadic Development Practice (DDP).

  • Reflecting and understanding our challenging behaviour to better support our children in understanding their own trauma.
  • Support physical and mental wellbeing through use of relational practice and play focused approach. Development of relationships that are genuine and meaningful.

Each bungalow has a play room, and the kitchen and dining spaces are organised so that the group of children can eat together. Every child has their own bedroom, which we help them to look after as their own space. Children are able to enjoy individual time with adults as well as being supported when they are with other children. They are looked after by a dedicated team of care workers and each child has a nominated key worker

The bungalows are surrounded by woodland and countryside, creating the ideal opportunity for the children to play outdoors. Away from campus, activities include swimming, outings to zoos and animal centres, trips to castles and historic places and visiting beaches and forests. We encourage the children to be involved in choosing and planning activities which they can do individually, with the children they live with, or with other children they are friends with.