Make a referral

Our referral process has been developed to support local authorities to select a placement which meets the needs of the individual child.

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We accept referrals from local authority care and education professionals. All referrals are managed in partnership with local authorities. Parents and carers can contact us for information and we welcome their involvement in the referral process.

If you are interested in making a referral to Seamab, please contact one of the following:

Joanna McCreadie, Chief Executive

01577 840307

Gary Gallacher, Head of Care

01577 840307

We will ask you to complete an Initial Referral Form. The next steps usually include:

  • Inviting you to visit Seamab to meet with key staff;
  • Sharing information about the child;
  • Participating in a case discussion of the child; and
  • Assessing whether we would be able to meet the child’s needs and offer an appropriate placement.

We have a very open approach and fully discuss all aspects of the service we provide so the professionals making the referral can assess our suitability for the child.