A birthday adventure!

Sometimes the best adventures are close to home.

Yesterday was R’s birthday and she wanted to spend it camping in the yurt with John and Jackie. First though was a request to go crabbing at Aberdour, we bought new crab newts hoping to catch some and cook up a storm, sadly it was freezing and the sea was smashing off the rocks and we got soaked! So a chippy tea instead, not the healthiest but birthday treats are allowed!

Back at the yurt and sleeping bags were set up. It was the first time R had slept out in the yurt so she was a wee bit anxious but she was feeling brave and some hot chocolate round the fire helped.

A lovely surprise from Thomas with a cookie and some ice cream. We put a candle in the cookie and sang happy birthday. PJ’s on, nice and toasty with the log burning, time for bed but not before lots of excited chat from R!

Waking up to the sun shining, birds signing and the smell of John cooking up a big breakfast. Time to play on her new birthday bike before school, with lots of stories to share. The perfect birthday and lifelong memories.

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