Our team

Seamab is led by the senior management team, who work with managers and staff in the care team, education team and support services team to provide a positive experience to children. We have developed a multi-disciplinary team approach. All our staff are committed to working with children and making a positive difference to their lives.

The Senior Leadership Team

CEO - Stuart Provan
Head of Care - Gary Gallacher
Head of Education - Linda Burke
Learning Co-ordinator - Jody Cannon

The Education Team

Our education team in Seamab includes teachers, education support workers and care workers who work closely together to provide an experience of education which helps children feel safe and valued. Teaching and learning in Seamab is topic based and inter-disciplinary. The team has developed a range of approaches to help children engage with education and achieve including using mobile technologies, the outdoors and hands on activities such as wood-working and music. Visiting specialists provide positive learning experiences for children and contribute to the curriculum.

The Care Team

Our care team provides consistent care and nurture to children. Their emphasis is on relationship-based individual care and support, with the child at the centre. The structure of the care team supports this approach, with a team manager and assistant team manager in each bungalow. Care workers assess and plan for individual children. The team actively encourages play and organises outings, activities and holidays which offer important opportunities for the children to grow and develop. We also encourage the children to develop their own interests and join community groups.

Support Services Team

Members of our support services team include finance, human resources, administration and facilities staff. Their work supports care and education and they are also familiar adults for the children. Making sure everything at Seamab runs smoothly is always a challenge but the range of skills in the team makes sure that this happens. Whether it is finance reports, human resources policy, recruitment, or health and safety, our support services team works hard to support the whole organisation.

Specialist Services

We draw on the expertise and experience of a range of specialist professionals and consultants to help meet the needs of individual children. We also work with a number of visiting specialists to deliver our unique music project and a rich experience of learning for the children. We work with specialist therapy practitioners to deliver the therapeutic intervention that is right for the child.