Small change for a sea change

Most of us were lucky enough as children to be given pocket money. What was pocket money for you as a child is small change now. It can help us give our children experiences and support that will create a sea change in their childhood.

Bryan Burnett

My pocket money story

Thinking about it now, the pocket money my parents gave us wasn't massive as we were not a well off family. We were probably too young to appreciate the fact that mum and dad were missing out on something they needed in order to make sure my brother and I were able to treat ourselves every week.
Regardless of how much pocket money we had I was determined to get the most out of it. I was a very good budgeter!
A comic was priority for me and Beano day was always the highlight of the week for me. (Mind you my young self had no idea that my first job would be for Beano publishers DC Thomson!)
I was never into buying sweeties as mostly I wanted to put my pocket money towards buying singles. As I had no older brothers and sisters the only music in the house was my parent’s Sydney Devine albums so it was a thrill to buy our own records.
I spent every Saturday lunchtime in Woollies at Mastrick Shopping Centre deciding what single I was going to buy. I’d prefer to say it was something punky and cool but was more likely to be Abba. Up until then the only single I had was Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep which my Granny had bought me on a day trip to Fraserborough so anything else was going to be way more credible.
For kids nowadays who are used to streaming music for free online it must be hard to imagine just how precious it was having a 7” single that you’d saved up money for and could listen to hundreds of times without ever getting bored!

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