Small change for a sea change

Most of us were lucky enough as children to be given pocket money. What was pocket money for you as a child is small change now. It can help us give our children experiences and support that will create a sea change in their childhood.

Leanne Patrick

My pocket money story

When I was very small, my grandmother would save up all of her 5p coins and once a month she would give them to me. As I grew older, my parents opened a bank account for me and would deposit money each month.

But it is always the little pile of 5p coins that I remember. As I look back, I can recall counting them, learning, deciding how to spend the pound or two (sometimes as much as five whole pounds) and I feel grateful now for how that small gesture has come to mean so much to me. Just to be so important, to someone, that every little 5p coin reminded her of me.

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