Small change for a sea change

Most of us were lucky enough as children to be given pocket money. What was pocket money for you as a child is small change now. It can help us give our children experiences and support that will create a sea change in their childhood.

Maureen Macleod

My pocket money story

When i first started getting pocket money, my world was mostly all about the village that I lived in so each week's allowance was spent at the baker's van which used to appear in our village on a Saturday morning. The change burning a hole in my pocket was soon sacrificed for treats like a fresh cream eclair.

As my world expanded to occasional trips to the nearest town, Stornoway, i realised the advantages of saving some of my pocket money. Woolworths was one of the main shopping experiences in town and after buying some chart music, a celebratory pic-n-mix was in order for the journey home.

As i grew older, i used to go to Glasgow on holiday most years which i saw as an incredible adventure, and my saved pocket money was spent on brightly-coloured clothing and t-shirts with funky (or so i thought) slogans in an attempt to express my teenage self. If I had any money left, it would, of course, be spent on a Woolworths pic-n-mix!

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