Small change for a sea change

Most of us were lucky enough as children to be given pocket money. What was pocket money for you as a child is small change now. It can help us give our children experiences and support that will create a sea change in their childhood.

saubia sohail

My pocket money story

We didn’t have a concept of pocket money when I was young ,( it wasn’t because we were poor on the contrary my father was a successful businessman and we led a very comfortable life) but because my parents felt they provided us with everything which we needed hence really didn’t need any extra cash. But as we grew up (me / my sister and brother ) we wanted more things. But my parents didn’t agree with our needs so our house had a simple formula if you want something you had to earn it. We started to do chores in our house and get paid 50 p and if we were really very lucky £1 . We had our eyes set on a train set so we all worked happily and saved our collective money in a piggybank . every two weeks all three of us would open it and count all the money putting into piles and seeing if we reached our target yet. I can’t remember how long it took us but we finally one day had enough and proudly took it to our dad. He smiled and promised us he would buy it the next day and we would have it by evening, we were so excited that none of us could sleep that night. The next day went so slowly and it seemed forever for the clock to hit 6pm! With noses glued to the window we all looked down the street super excited.
We got that train set, it was the first thing which was ours which we paid for. We used to play every Saturday, carefully putting all the pieces together and then carefully packing it away as if it was the most precious thing in the world. We had hours of fun with it and in the process our parents had taught us the most important lesson in life .

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