Sea Changers

Our Sea Changers characterise what we offer and how we hope to enable every child to reach their full potential. They also give an insight to the challenges the children have had to face before coming to stay with us.


Free has lived at Seamab since forever.

He loves climbing trees, running around and he’s the most confident lad you could ever meet. Some of the kids are afraid of Free at first. They think Free could get them hurt again. They think they don’t deserve to know him.

Every child deserves to know Free and with your help we can make them great friends.

About the Sea Changers

Joy has always lived at Seamab.

When some kids arrive here they can’t seem to find her. They’ve never met her before and they don’t really know what she looks like. When they are introduced to her they can be hostile at first – she is a stranger after all.

Given enough time, care and attention, every one of our kids can get to know Joy. Help us to make that happen.

About the Sea Changers

Brave keeps a watchful eye over Seamab.

He always stands up for himself and everyone else and he loves to try new things. He really believes in himself and that’s something that rubs off on the kids. Of course they’re scared of him at first – they didn’t know you were even allowed to be so confident.

Brave helps our kids to do anything they dream of. Help us to make their dreams reality.

About the Sea Changers

Calm is an influential figure at Seamab.

Sometimes it seems like Calm is never around but when the children need him he’s always there for them. A lot of our kids had never met Calm until they came to Seamab – now they’re roommates, classmates and playmates.

Calm can help our children to settle down and focus on a brighter future. You can help too.

About the Sea Changers

Safe lives happily at Seamab.

She’s warm and friendly and a great listener. She tucks the kids in at night and stays by their sides when they’re afraid. Some kids like to hold Safe’s hand, some like to hide behind her and some are just so happy to know she’s there for them.

Safe should be there for every child. Help us make sure she is.

About the Sea Changers

Hope is never lost at Seamab.

She’s lived here for a long time and she knows the place like the back of her hand. She picks the kids up when they fall and she’s always showing them how good tomorrow could be. When the world seems really dark, Hope gives the kids a loan of her torch.

Without Hope our kids wouldn’t stand a chance. Help us to keep her around.

About the Sea Changers

Hug’s always around at Seamab.

He really cares and he just loves to help make the children smile. Some of the kids love Hug from day one and can barely let go of him. Others are a bit shy if they’ve never met anyone so caring before so we give them time to learn to trust him and learn to smile.

Hug can help our kids through some really tough times and so can you.

About the Sea Changers

Angry sometimes barges into Seamab.

He can be unpredictable and mean. When he gets out of hand he makes a real mess and he makes people upset.

It’s okay if Angry comes to visit now and again – we help our kids learn to understand him and how to calm him down. You can help too.

About the Sea Changers

Scared visits Seamab from time to time.

She’s usually alone and some of the kids don’t even notice her. We find her hiding in the corners of rooms, curled up under tables, lying silently under the bed.

Sometimes it’s good to listen to what she has to say, but sometimes she just wants to make trouble, especially when she gets together with Angry and Sad. Help us to stop them causing trouble.

About the Sea Changers

Sad sometimes visits Seamab.

Sometimes the new children carry him in on their backs. Sometimes he sneaks in when nobody’s looking.

We don’t ignore Sad, but we do help the kids to say goodbye to him. Sometimes it’s hard to say goodbye. Help us to make that happen.

The story of the Sea Changers

The Sea Changers were developed for us by the team at StudioLR, a multi award-winning Edinburgh-based design agency.

StudioLR offered to donate their expertise, and completely rebrand our charity - everything from a new logo to building signage and from pens and pencils to school uniforms.

They held two workshops – one with the children, the other with staff. At these workshops the children and staff explored what Seamab means to them, and how this could be represented. The children had very firm ideas of what they liked, and what they thought of Seamab. In particular, the existing school uniform came in for a very hard time!

Next, StudioLR met with members of the staff team and presented the Sea Changers. None of us had expected to be so emotionally affected by the new brand they had developed for us.

We all felt that the designers had understood what we try to do for children at Seamab, and had articulated this in both images and words with the Sea Changers and their stories.

We would like to thank everyone at StudioLR for their unique vision and generous support. We wouldn’t have the Sea Changers without them, and the children wouldn't have their smart new school uniform.