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Seamab is a charity that provides care and education for children and young people from across Scotland who have more complex needs and require specialised intensive support.

Who we are

Seamab provides care and education to children from across Scotland who have complex needs. Up to 21 children come to school at Seamab, with up to 15 children in residential placements in 3 bungalows about a mile away from the school.

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What we do

We provide care and education for Children in Scotland who need intensive and specialist support. We are nationally recognised for our specialist work with children.

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Support Us

We are grateful for the contribution of our volunteers, supporters and fundraisers. Every person who helps us makes a difference to the lives of children from across Scotland who have complex needs and distressed behaviours.

Meet the Sea Changers

Joy has always lived here and Safe is warm and friendly. Free climbs the trees and Home is never lost. Brave keeps a watchful eye over everyone while Calm has an influence that we all benefit from. And Hug... he’s always there when we need him. Occasionally we’re visited by Sad, Scared and Angry, but they don’t stay for long.

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